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Plant`s Corporate Website

LP for headphones

We`ve developed the product Landing Page for Philips wireless headphone line in partnership with Havas Media Ukraine. This light and fast one page website was developed with exact goal to push the sales.

Top Online Store

When we received the offer to develop online store from scratch, it was a serious challenge for us, we hadn`t faced such once before. Done.

E-commerce website Zroblyu!

Series of Ad movies

Landing Page on USA Cars delivery

Website with its own unique style in dark colors, its own energy and with non-standard front-end solutions

Jet tenders Catalog

Product Landing Page for MSI

Product Landing Page for MSI PRO displays and Cubi Mini PCs. Minimalism in design, just functionality, focus on products and easy to buy linking.

Stretch ceilings Landing Page

Modern Landing page for Stretch ceiling Installer company. Shape animation, Less preprocessor technology in frontend development.

Logo&identity for Online Store

E-commerce website

Key Visual

The product Key Visual for Agilis jet tenders is the concentrate of main things which the brand wants to say

Landing Page - Solar Energy

Website for advertising campaign

Website for Castrol Ukraine

Corporate website

Website development for construction company with great special machines fleet

Corporate website

Catalog design

Gift promotion. Website

Club4Lap™ gift promotion as part of the “Joined by Love” communication campaign. Create the print with your pet and get a phone case with his image.

Online store

Website (LP). Security

Landing page for Video surveillance and Alarm systems design and installation services

Website (LP). Construction retail

Landing page for Faktor, a large regional building materials retailer in Volnovakha, Donetsk oblast of Ukraine.

Website (LP). Industrial equipment

Open Space TV-studio

Website&CRM for promo

Website catalog and CRM for managing MSI gift promotions in Ukraine.

POSM at automotive goods retail

Brand zone at festival

Photo zone Bullettime by Club4Paws ™ at Lisa Family Day Festival. Shoots from 16 cameras are combined into one short video providing Matrix effect.

Digital Ad Campaign

Communication campaign for Sadolin™, Pinotex™, Hammerite™ brands on the Internet.

Corporate identity

Digital ad campaign

Amsterdam expo

Cerera Technologies exhibition stand design, production and build-up at Parcel&Post Expo 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Interior branding

Backgammon for the expo

Backgammon Live-game demo for betting industry expo events

Identity, b2b presenter

Corporate identity and b2b presenter design for airline industry

Transit ad

Website, fashion

Website (LP), mannequins

Landing Page for ETC, the top-manufacturer of trade equipment

Online store, winter stuff

Website (LP), driving schools

Landing Page for choosing driving schools in Kharkiv city and region.

Website (LP), cosmetology

The Landing Page development for Skin Medical cosmetology cabinet

Website (LP), salt

Website (LP), health&beauty

Website (LP) for fireplaces

Landing development for Stimlex fireplaces and accompanying goods sale

Website (LP), print infrastructure services

Website (LP), worktops

Landing page for worktops LuxForm manufacturer

Website (LP), stretch ceilings

Landing page for stretch ceilings construction company

B2B catalog design


Ua localization and print

Premium promotional items

The board with prices

The bullet-time photo zone

The photo zone with bullet-time effect for CLUB 4 PAWS brand


Logo design

Ideas&design Ad

Exhibition stand

Corporate website

Road construction company ROADS OF UKRAINE corporate website

Web development

Castrol EDGE Titanium Gamer

Localization of commercials for Ukraine.

Online Store, powerbanks

Online Store development for Flash Market for power-banks with unique prints selling


Website, it-trainings

Audit of retail

We do audit of retail in Ukraine

Mystery Shopper projects in Ukraine

Virtual Studio

Virtual TV studio with real scenery elements

Website for web studio

PUSH-K Solutions additional website dedicated exclusively web development services

Middle East style TV studio

TV studio Mafia

Website (LP), incubators

Landing Page development for ТМ Teplusha incubators

Chromakey TV studio creation

From sketch to TV scenery

How we built Yacht for TV

TV Studio Vault

Building a decoration for tv studio - bank vault

Ice arena TV Studio

Promo-prank at one of Ukrainian malls

Website, dentistry

Web-development for dentistry AUrum focusing on the veneer installation service

TV studio Football Stadium

Website (LP), electric cars from USA

Landing Page development for DreamCar for electric cars selling from USA auctions

International Conference

European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry

At auto markets...

Website (LP), stone decor

Gift action for TM "The Lviv yeast"

Gift for purchase promotion in Ukraine

Event-presentations & exhibition support

BTL-project in supermarket of electronics

Promo-demonstration of kitchen appliances.

BTL-project for

Offline-promotion with hostess and moustache.

Football freestyle - promo at the event

SKODA Rapid presentation

Exhibition support

Support of the participation in 10 exhibitions in Kyiv

BTL for ESTA Holding

Promo at the cinemas

BTL-project. Promo at the cinemas.

Test drive event

Partnership project for Winner Automotive

Driving show SKODA in Kiev

Celebrating the 15-th anniversary of the company

BTL-project for Tehniks

Leafleting in Ukraine

Open Day at the dealer’s showroom

Organization of photo exhibitions Offline support of the interactive project

Dj Awards ceremony Awards The Best Track in Ukraine

Promotional activities at major events

Promo at the Kozyrna party

Beach Cinema at Kazantip Promo in the Kazantip Republic

Summer party for employees in Kyiv

Organizing a promotional tournament

Organizing a promo-tournament

Event in the office Maslenitsa celebration in office

Party-opening of KIAF

BTL-project for Panasonic

Audit for portal

Autumn field trade-audit at auto markets

BTL-project for Panasonic.

Test drive for all SKODA models

Organization of test drive in competition format

Audit on car markets

Trade marketing project for Interent portal

BTL-project for Panasonic

Internal corporate presentation

BTL-project for AVK

Degustation of Sweets.

Mystery shopping program

Season loyalty program

Loyalty program targeting the vendors ТМ «Klub 4 paws» ,“Gav”, “Meow”

Elite event, vip-entertainment

KHS Ukraine. 10 years at the market of Ukraine

Team building with firearms

Corporate event

Corporate New Year celebration

Individual event concept

Ambitious10-th anniversary of the company

Individual event concept

15th anniversary of the construction holding

Ceremony of rewarding

Opening of a monument in Kyiv

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