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Digital Advertising Campaign

PUSH-K Solutions Agency was ordered to develop national digital advertising campaign for Sadolin™, Pinotex™, Hammerite ™, the Akzo Nobel brands, the leading global manufacturer of paints and varnishes. Each brand of the campaign is whole universe with own consumer communication history, advertising assets, websites and social media accounts.

The first our step, as usual, was a deep analytical work. All market participants were identified, and their positioning, communication methods and other important market understanding data were checked, structured and laid out into analytic report. We also analyzed the usability and consumer journey parameters of Sadolin™, Pinotex™, Hammerite™ websites, formed lists of necessary improvements to turn the advertising campaigns traffic into retail sales.

Exterior and interior paints Sadolin™. The flagship Akzo Nobel`s brand in Ukraine planned to launch Sadolin Ambiance™, the new line of paints. Akzo Nobel’s head office made good preparations for launch. There was amazing TVC with a lot of timing and accents variations. There were innovative for the market paint testers – you can take a tester, paint the part of area at home, get sure that you like the color and only after it to buy all needed volume of the paint. There was a Sadolin Visualizer mobile app that allows to capture parts of the interior with phone’s camera and virtually paint surfaces with Sadolin palette colors – saved images are a great visual reference to help consumer to make a choice. After all creative assets were structured, based on previously prepared analytics and target audience insights, the agency’s team developed advertising campaign on the Internet with a wide range of communication channels. Materials without Ukrainian localization and missing materials have been prepared/developed by us (expl. The packs of html5 animated ad banners). We used media networks and YouTube; paid search ad; ad tools at Facebook; we`ve created and designed YouTube channel and Facebook brand page; involved industry media to support brand communication campaign; we`ve done other activations to ensure perfect results for sales.

Pinotex™ wood paint and lasure and Hammerite ™ metal paints also received high-quality advertising support and acquired YouTube channels and digital advertising assets including the kits of html5 animated banners meeting Google Ads requirements. We`ve proceeded media ad, search ad and other communication tools in this digital ad campaigns.Three long advertising campaigns (Sadolin ™, Pinotex ™, Hammerite ™) took place parallely, each of them had its own targeting and its own characteristics. The goals were achieved and Akzo Nobel reached an ambitious sales plan in Ukraine, the launch of new product line happened, the list of best practices and digital assets remained at the disposal of the client’s marketers for new achievements. Thanks to all the specialists who participated in this project.



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