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Product catalog for jet tenders

Agilis jet tender catalog is an elegant stylish work for the luxury segment. The catalog presents the features of each boat and the manufacturer itself. Any catalog is information material first of all, but at the premium segment, the quality of design begins to play a significant role, emphasizing the status of the product and not devaluing it.

The concept of the catalog design is based on the color code of turquoise-light gray, unified logic of contrasts and gradients, stable composition, combination of real tender`s photos with their 3D renderings from different angles.

The structure of the catalog is logical, so it is easily perceived:

  1. Bright ad Key Visual reveals the Agilis brand positioning.
  2. The images of all jet tender`s models in single scale facilitates visual perception of the sizes.
  3. Information blocks (6) for 6 models, each one indicates the tender compliance with the sizes of the yachts, passenger capacity, description and photo of features, technical specifications, graphics.
  4. Information on key partners.
  5. Summary table of characteristics of all jet tenders.
  6. Company history and owner`s message.

The form factor solution was based at the practicality of use. We`ve developed 2 catalog versions: electronic one was developed in the 16×9 proportion to use all the useful displays area; the second one was for printing, so we`ve taken into account existence of pages, fastenings and convenience to hold in hands.

Successful implementation of such projects requires both professional management and understanding of marketing, and extraordinary design skills. That`s why this delicate catalog design development task was entrusted to our team.

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