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BTL-project. Promo-demonstration of kitchen appliances.

Still don’t believe that kitchen appliances can cook as tasty and you, preserving maximum nutrients and taking minimum of your time and inference? You are quite mistaken!

That was the main purpose of Panasonic request to the BTL- agency PUSH-K Solutions, which has to prove that the appliances cook “tasty as well” and organize a demonstration promo of the best products of the category “home appliances” – bread machines and multicookers.

The smell of just-backed delicious bread attracted much prominens was given by the visitors of electronic store, and the aroma of delicious Ukrainian borscht cooked in Multicooker Panasonic was appreciated not only by Ukrainians. During the BTL-promo in the supermarkets of electronics Panasonic appliances were sold “like hot cakes”.

Hundreds of recipes to your taste, all this is possible with appliances Panasonic. Do you still doubt? Just try it! Dasha Malakhova and agency PUSH-K Solutions recommend!

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