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Grand opening of the monument to sugar beet

The company Bayer CropScіence and the Institute for sugar beet of the UAAS erected a monument to sugar beet in the courtyard of the Institute. The event agency PUSH-K Solutions was commissioned to organize the grand opening of a cultural object, as well as to invite journalists for further coverage of the event.

From the press :

“A new unusual cultural object appeared in Kyiv – a monument to Sugar Beet. The inspirer and patron of the campaign was the company Bayer CropScience. The author of the world’s first beet monument was the talented Ukrainian sculptor Yevgeniy Derevyanko.

Bayer CropScience is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of crop protection products for all sectors of agriculture. Since its foundation until today, the company follows the innovative approach in everything – whether it’s research and development, commercial or social activity . So it was decided to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of one of the most well-known products – the herbicide “Betanal” in an unusual way. Namely , by presenting the capital and the country with a unique work of art – a monument to Sugar Beet”.

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