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Series of Agilis jet tenders short Ad movies

Presenting series of short presentation movies about Agilis jet tenders. These movies are the part of the brand’s communication campaign in 2021 and focused at 3 models: Agilis 355, Agilis 355 and Agilis 355. The mission of videos is to show the brand`s spirit and to communicate “CUSTOM. LUXURY. JET.” message, which means the ability to customize the tender (flexible configuration and materials choice), luxury materials and technical equipment, jet engines.


Agilis 280 is the smallest jet tender in Agilis range.
This luxury small boat fits 38-foot or longer yachts and was designed to carry up to 3 passengers.


Agilis 355 is Jet powered boat with extra speed, stability and safety conditions and options to customize. This luxury 6-person boat fits 62-foot or longer yachts.


Agilis 560 is the most luxury boat for 10 persons in Agilis range. This luxury tender was designed as superyacht tender and fits the highest standards of modern yacht design.

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