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Corporate identity development

Corporate identity projects keep a bit of risks always for a creative agency as well for a client too. In cases when it`s first project for new client every agency may face an endless client`s subjective comments like “It is not that”, “Yes it`s good, but you should change this”, “play with it and show your view”, “You are professionals, suggest it”. At the same time the client has the risks to get result far from expectation, especially in cases where the brief information does not show wishes and directions to the agency and stage approvals are not approvals leading agency the wrong way.

To be honest, the importance of corporate identity development projects results for a client is incomparably higher than for an agency. Whatever the identity development project was it is “one of” for agency and will end anyway, but for the client this identity will be around every day for many years.

Such kind of case description preview was done specially. The corporate identity development project for Kriger boiler equipment plant was such kind of challenge. This story started with ordinary stages, we used many times. The agency prepared 3 design concepts to give approach choice and set main the vector of development. The client approved one of the concepts and, as we do always, we developed it in six variations to determinate prefinal corporate identity view for future Brand Book. The client approved one of prefinal concepts and asked to develop it in other variations of identity… and then variations of variations of chosen design concept were ready we were asked to develop absolutely new design conception form the very beginning😊. We`ve done it. The background of the story was weeks of feedback waiting, the length of project increased from planned 4 weeks to 4 months.

For us this project was difficult and unprofitable. It tested the strength of our customer focus like no other project for recent years. PUSH-K Solutions customer focus level was proved and the Kriger company received the Brand Book with corporate identity they like.

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