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Scenery for TV studio – bank safe

You thought that a huge bank safe can be seen only at the bank? Now it can be seen at a working television studio.

In creative search and thinking over the idea of future studio ​​design, we found such picture of a bank safe. We decided to take it as a basis for creating scenery. Massive door, bank cells.

Next, we prepared a design sketch with the host and developed detailed 3D drawing.


Beauty is born in hangars. In our case – in the workshops. The stage of production of all elements of the safe began. Cutting, milling, painting.

Artists, welders, electricians complete the production of all the scenery elements and we are ready to put it all together. Installation, the final preparations, the arrangement of lighting devices, the connection of all necessary equipment …. and finally we can see the real bank safe. The client is satisfied with the work done, and we are satisfied with the result and the new experience!

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