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Corporate identity development and b2b presenter design

It happens sometimes that orders for presentation materials design or web sites are accompanied with company logo only. Corporate identity materials just not exist. In such cases, a successfully completed project gives the client not only ordered result but a corporate identity as additional benefit.

The development of this “About the Company” B2B booklet for Krebo is the case described above . The design of the Presenter put the foundations and developed corporate identity, which can be used for futher communication materials. Soft light lines follow the contours of the logo and create a stable connection with the air flow, the basis of the aviation.

To make artwork more relevant to client`s business we had not used any stock photos. The agency’s project team traveled to the Boryspil airport and held a photo session of the real work process – the best shoots are used as company’s activities illustrations. Text was also done by us, so we had to research the market, services and target audiences deeply, to check the history of the company, to determinate the competitive advantages to emphasis them.

Hope this artwork will serve Krebo well.

Corporate identity design in the airline industry

Дизайн b2b буклета - внешняя сторона

Дизайн b2b буклета - внутреняя сторона

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