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E-commerce website for industrial ads

Our team has developed web portal Zroblyu! (I will do) – e-commerce website for industrial ads on parts production. The idea of ​​the web portal is that users who need parts supply (Customers) can place Orders on it (description, drafts, terms of delivery, etc.). Another group of users (Contractors, manufacturing companies) receive notifications about the new Order appearance (mail, Telegram channel Zroblyu!). Customer can check the Order details at the website and get the Customer contacts to make an offer and deal the project. The portal is focused on the metalworking industry and a wide range of production orders from close manufacturing sectors, where special industrial equipment is needed for the manufacture or processing of parts.

The website has light and modern web design, enhanced by technological frontend solutions, using Less preprocessor technologies and shape animation. We`ve paid attention to a lot of details, so even active website users will periodically find the visual features that they did not notice before.

We`ve developed 2 types of user accounts using Vue.js (JavaScript-framework): for Customers and Contractors. Each type of account has its own functionality. The customer can create, edit, archive Orders, assign them to categories or subcategories of services, determine their status etc. Contractors can create and edit their companies’ profiles, indicating the services in which they specialize, logo, description, illustrations of the production process, etc. The content management system of the web website is developed with Laravel PHP framework and provides the website administration with all tools for managing content, orders, accounts, publications, available categories and subcategories of services and much more.

Zroblyu! web portal development project is the special one for PUSH-K Solutions team, because we have always had sympathy for the economy real sector, and this website is industry focused.



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