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Presentation of the new logo during the celebration of the 15-th anniversary of the company

The Board of the Insurance company Kniazha within the national re-branding program, paid special attention to acquaintance of its employees with the new logo and the corporate style. The presentation of the new logo “for the insiders” was conducted during the celebration of the 15-th anniversary of the company. The company existed for 15 years with the former design code and the farewell to it is a heart-stirring event for most employees. The task of thinking over the presentation and its integration in the show program of the anniversary celebration was undertook by the team of the event agency PUSH-K Solutions.

Description of the event-presentation and the new logo

The agency prepared the press wall with the new logo of the IC Kniazha and made a textile cover with the old logo. At the moment  “X” accompanied by the song  «All for the best, trust me!»(LIVE), the company top managers fastened air balls with the old logo to the cover and solemnly cut the fixing threads. The carrying capacity of the helium balls tore the cover from the construction, and the wind blew the old logo away forever – the employees saw the open press-wall with the new logo of the IC Kniazha.  At the same time, in a few seconds, a new banner was unfolded at the backdrop of the stage, on the tables the flags with the new logo appeared. In course of the event the re-branding of the site was made.


The photos & video enclosed to the case successively illustrate the logo presentation.

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