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Corporate New Year celebration

The company Castrol asked the event-agency PUSH-K Solutions to develop a corporate celebration of the New Year for a narrow circle of employees. The agency’s team picked the location, created an excusive event concept and thought over its content. The emotions at the celebration cannot be described by the text, and the photos are not enough to communicate the positive atmosphere that prevailed in the evening! It was magical.

Individual event concept.

“New Year celebration visiting the Music Wizard” – the name of the event concept. Of course, the host was a magician and, to the surprise of the employees of Castrol, in the final of the event he made a shot of confetti from the magic staff with which he worked peacefully all night.

Sketches from the corporate event.

This is the formula for a magic staff, for the ones who are interested. Buy a pneumatic firework, find a metal/plastic pipe with the same radius at supermarket. Firmly fasten them together. A little magic with paint and decor, and you have a magic staff with one shot for the culmination.


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