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Open Space TV-studio creation

The partnership between TV BET and PUSH-K Solutions for previous to this project years brought to live unique betting products that are broadcasting worldwide now. The participation of our team is the turnkey development and manufacturing of TV-studio decorations. Some of these projects are presented at our website portfolio section tagged as “Production of scenery”. From ideas, sketches and 3D visualizations to drawings, manufacturing, test setups, international logistics and the TV-studio final installation in Europe.

The new challenge we faced was the large-scale Open Space TV-studio creation for more than 10 parallelly live-streaming betting games. A lot of creativity, resources, client`s and agency`s hearts was put into this cool story. Like any complex project, this one also followed the clear development logic in accordance to stages we are gladly sharing below.

1. Analytics. To determine the visual ideas, we`ve collected and analyzed most of the world’s live-games betting streams, everything from Japan to the USA was checked. Based on the focus group vote and client insights, the main stylistic directions for future artwork were identified.

2. Sketches. Despite careful preparation for the design stage, we made long way of seven different great visual concepts, to get that needed one which became the Open Space TV-studio prototype.

3. The space. After we`ve successfully achieved visualization stage and got the future player’s screen view visual reference, the development process has moved to the space zoning stage. The complicated pavilion (long with columns) was segmented relatively to its geometry and planned optics. Open Space TV-studio 3D renders were created at this stage and joined the approved design interior concept and the real installation pavilion geometry.

4. Test installation. Preparation for the manufacturing is important stage. The virtual turns into the physical. You can create impressive 3D artworks, but to turn nice images into real TV-scenery, you should determine the optimal and reachable for purchase materials, to develop construction solutions for all project details.

To create large projects, we practice test installations when one small section of big scenery is installed to set the light and cameras and view the real picture on the screen. Test installations allows you to make corrections to main project without high extra costs and grants expected result without any surprises. We`ve done 2 test installations in this project: at first one was decided to change the tone of background colors and the illumination type was chosen; these decisions were already implemented at second test installation and as the result we`ve got real future TV-studio stream at screens. Everyone liked the result and the project moved on to the next stages.

5. Production, logistics, installation, live-stream. The result, when the virtual turned into physical at the 2nd test installation and received approval, brought the project close to finish . The manufacturing, international logistics, project team preparations and long term trip to Europe for the final installation of more than 150 m² of studio walls and other elements.

We did this challenge granting the client perfect result. Thanks and respects to all partners involved in the project at different stages. Be ready for new creative and manufacturing challenges😉. The top world betting platforms are already broadcasting TVBET live-games, including the ones from new Open Space TV-studio developed by PUSH-K Solutions.


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