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Driving school landing page

Landing Page development for Driving Schools Corporation. The client set the task – to develop a one-page website where visitors can find a driving school that is suitable for their location in Kharkov and the region, and sign up for it.

Functionality allows you to familiarize yourself with the description of the categories of drivers, select the appropriate driving school and enroll in it. It is enough for the visitor to enter the address of his residence in the field, and the driving schools closest to him will appear on the map. Isn’t that cool? Since only verified driving schools will be pulled, the user does not have to spend a lot of time searching and studying information. Everything has already been done, it remains only to sign up.

The steering wheel logo for the company was also developed by our agency. Logo animation makes the site more alive and interesting. In general, the design of the landing turned out to be stylish, bright, interesting, and the animation attracts and keeps the attention of visitors on the most important moments of the site, including forms with CTA. Thanks to the connected WordPress CMS, our client can easily add new driving schools and change content if necessary.

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