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Landing page for stretch ceilings construction company

We developed the Landing Page for the S-Level company, which designs and installs stretch ceilings. We received a very interesting task from the client – to develop a landing page, the design of which will be the embodiment of current trends, with large typography and plenty of air, but at the same time with a meaningful structure and selling content.

We tried to fulfill and even exceed all the requirements. The site turned out to be very bright, airy, with pleasant bright accents. At the same time, there are quite a lot of necessary and useful content that helps visitors with the choice of ceiling and inspires to make an order. Also, on the site a lot of animation is implemented, but it is smooth, soft, helps to place accents and does not allow the user to get bored.

The feature of this site is in the calculator, which allows you to calculate the cost of a false ceiling, depending on its area. Also, several different types of feedback forms help convert visitors to customers. Website development for S-Level brought us many amenities in the form of a large number of requests from other clients for the development of the Landing Page, which put this site as an example. It says a lot 😉


MAIN PAGEСайт по натяжным потолкамлендингпейдж по натяжным потолкамADAPTIVE LAYOUT FOR MOBILE DEVICES

Мобильная версия Landing Page для натяжных потолков


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