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“Odessa – mother, Advertising – father” –  that was the motto of the sponsorship event-opening evening of the 12th Kiev International Advertising Festival in Odessa sponsored by the Internet portal, and organizered by the event agency PUSH-K Solutions.

The aim of the agency was not only to organize a great party and make an event in Odessa, but to surprise the best advertisers from across the CIS . At first glance, such a sophisticated audience is impossible to surprise, by when assigns a task, there is no retreat.

The sponsor event night-opening of the festival was not commonplace, interactive, authentic to Odessa and the specifics of the public.

Sketches from the corporate event.

A “monument to media people ,”  a “monument to a top manager “, a “monument to a talented presenter”, a “monument to Rabinovich – the best account of all time”, a ” monument to trends “, a “monument to a consumer ” … You can walk around Odessa for a long time in search of monuments with such names , but even the indigenous inhabitants of Odessa will not tell you where to find them, but the participants of the 12th KIAF shall tell you at once where they have seen them.

Special thanks to the band Jam Band for supporting the project and creating an authentic atmosphere of Odessa at the event. We recommend Jam Band to the colleagues in the event sector, and confirm the professionalism of the band .


Organizing the event in Odessa gave the guests an unforgettable experience of sun, sea and the city itself, which captivates all its color!


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