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Bayer CropScience. Ceremony of awarding trade partners

Event agency PUSH-K Solutions organized the “Golden Sprout” award ceremony for the company Bayer CropScіence. Bayer CropScіence business partners from Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia  were invited and nominated.

The aim of the event-agency was qualitatively organize the awards ceremony, as well as to create conditions where the company’s nominees, who didn’t get a coveted statuette (golden germ), would feel an integral part of the event. As a result, each participant, regardless of the award ceremony outcome were pleasantly surprised and flattered by the attitude of Bayer CropScіence to their partners.


Individual event concept.

“The Golden Sprout Extraordinary League ” – the name of the event concept. The principle “If you are here, you are a remarkable man” was implemented. The participants were settled on one level with the most outstanding personalities in the history of mankind. Moreover, some of these personalities were also at the event and interacted with the guests in the framework of their animated zones. More than 50 outstanding personalities were selected and their large-format portraits became design element of the event-site.

Sketches from a corporate event.

Have you discussed the political situation in the world with Fidel Castro? Were you invited by Fidel to try Cohiba Coronas Especiales? If you are working with Bayer CropScience, a similar story have already happened with you.

To qualitatively organize the awards ceremony, event agency has to be ready to the fact that the winners in the nominations and the final list of participants will be announced only on the eve of the event, and a video production specialist should stay on the low start before the beginning of the award ceremony to have time to make adjustments.


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