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Promotional event. Promotional activities in Kyiv at the dealer showroom

“Open Day” is the best time to visit the auto showroom, when you can combine the necessary things – to test a car, get a consultation, make a decision; with pleasant – to have fun, have a bite, participate in contests and tournaments, fulfill your knowledge.


The specialists from the event agency PUSH-K Solutions ware asked to think out and hold an Open Day at the dealer’s showroom.


When the Ukrainian SKODA importer “Evropa Avto” holds an open day, not only adherers of the SKODA brand are present but also partners who can implement their promotional activities. This time the publicity was pleased by: Castrol, Insurance company ASKA, Ukrainian Leasing Fund and the restaurant chain “House of Taste”.


Deciding to organize an open day in your showroom, don’t forget to invite not only agency, but also the partners.

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