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Logo design for SALT CO

The adaptation and production of promotional items

Premium promotional items

The production of the wall shield

Wall shield

The photo zone with bullet-time effect

Ideas&design for advertising campaign

Web development

Web development for TvBet

Exhibition stand

Corporate website

Road construction company ROADS OF UKRAINE corporate website

Castrol EDGE Titanium Gamer

Localization of commercials for Ukraine.

Web development


Web development

Web development for IT Sales Camp

Audit of retail

Mystery Shopper projects in Ukraine

The Mystery Shopper program for KRCA

Virtual Studio

Virtual TV studio with real scenery elements

Web development

Middle East style TV studio

TV studio Mafia

The immersion of the mafia headquarters atmosphere

Web development

Chromakey TV studio creation

Virtual studio with Chromakey technology development

From sketch to TV scenery

How we built Yacht for TV

TV Studio Vault

Ice arena TV Studio

Promo-prank at one of Ukrainian malls

Unusual advertising

Web development

TV studio Football Stadium

The idea of ​​a football stadium was embodied in the TV studio

Web development

Web development for DreamCar

International Conference

At auto markets...

Web development

Web development for West Home

Gift action for TM "The Lviv yeast"

Event-presentations & exhibition support

Participation in the exhibition AGRO

BTL-project in supermarket of electronics

Promo-demonstration of kitchen appliances.

BTL-project for

Football freestyle - promo at the event

SKODA Rapid presentation

Organization of the presentation of the car in the showroom

Exhibition support

BTL for ESTA Holding

Leafleting in Kiev.

Promo at the cinemas

BTL-project. Promo at the cinemas.

Test drive event

Driving show SKODA in Kiev

Celebrating the 15-th anniversary of the company

Event for the "Kniazha" insurance company

BTL-project for Tehniks

Open Day at the dealer’s showroom

Support for SKODA National Action

Organization of photo exhibitions Offline support of the interactive project

Dj Awards ceremony

Promotional activities at major events

Promo at the Kozyrna party

Exclusive promotions

Beach Cinema at Kazantip

Summer party for employees in Kyiv

TAS Group. Summer party

Organizing a promotional tournament

Organizing a promo-tournament

Event in the office

Party-opening of KIAF

BTL-project for Panasonic

It-consultants for household appliances.

Audit for portal

BTL-project for Panasonic.

It-consultants at stores by images, video, tv.

Test drive for all SKODA models

Organization of test drive in competition format

Audit on car markets

BTL-project for Panasonic

Internal corporate presentation

Insurance group TAS. Presentation of the "CASCO Green Corridor"

BTL-project for AVK

Mystery shopping program

Motivational program with the involvement of mystery shoppers

Season loyalty program

Loyalty program targeting the vendors ТМ «Klub 4 paws» ,“Gav”, “Meow”

Elite event, vip-entertainment

Team building with firearms

Corporate event

Anniversary of a cult product

Corporate New Year celebration

Ambitious10-th anniversary of the company

10-th anniversary of the Insurance Group

Individual event concept

15th anniversary of the construction holding

Ceremony of rewarding

Ceremony of awarding with “Golden sprout”

Opening of a monument in Kyiv

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