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ТOP-4 requests for the New Year Corporate Event


The article on the topic TOP-4 requests to event agencies for New Year corporate party. Based on many years experience of organizing New Years events we will try to classify New Year clients of event-agencies. The budget of the event and the number of invited employees are not discussed here. It will be more interesting to classify clients by the date of request to the event agency with the order to develop, propose and organize impressive New Year party for company. All types of requests can be brought to life successfully, so let’s start:

№4 “And let’s celebrate the New Year!” The chief said on the first Monday of December.

If an experienced agency gets such task and “boss” manages a company that can afford a lot, then the celebration will be good. It may be difficult to involve an experienced event agency in December. Not all agencies will take such project, because the schedule of their teams in December is the most overloaded than ever in the year. Preparations for all the events ordered by other clients are close to finish and as a rule this clients like to ask for  development of some additional ideas in period exactly close to date of New Year event.

№ 3 Who wakes up late, that one should carefully choose event agency for New Year party.

The event agency receives the brief at the beginning of November. The approval process takes place before the beginning of December and two weeks remain for preparation. At the same time event agency which plans further cooperation already prepares the project for “launch” without waiting formal approval. Behind the calm and balanced communication hides understanding of parties that the event proposal of the agency should be as clear and realizable as possible, and the client feedback should be quick and point to concrete actions.

Like a Miracle, the parties manage to choose, as it turns out later, the most optimal event place, invite the most suitable artists and conduct an excellent New Year corporate event. Magic and wonders were repeatedly performed by PUSH-K Solutions event team.

Some November clients deliberately asks for event agencies not to develop a new product, but to offer something ready and rehearsed: a themed party without any special conceptual ideas: “Let’s celebrate without any extraordinary ideas. Let’s order the event in ready theme and anyway everything will be cool –  delicious food, music, alcohol and our young energetic team! “. This approach is quite viable, there are many proposals in the market of event-services.

№2 Most popular period to order New Year corporate event.

You assign tasks to the event agency at the end of September or the beginning of October. In the October you already have options of locations, artists and ideas of New Year event. The depth of the event-project development is slightly lower than in the case TOP-1 (especially if you are holding a tender), because You turned to the market of event services during the period of high load, when the number of calls to event-agencies “to develop an event project” is maximum.

Till the most important elements of event are not approved the preparation is little nerve (it is normal for the event market, but clients don’t and shouldn’t fill it), because most of places and directors of artists hold the line like “Other companies are interested in this date too so we tend to work with the one who will make payment first” and in other hand event agency asks them to keep date without payments till client will make decision.

Nevertheless, at the beginning of November the project is already clear and you made solutions over main positions: the location is booked and artists received prepayments, the event idea is approved and the agency has more than a month to prepare event. It is enough time to develop difficult high level event including video production, exclusive scenography and many other benefits, which will surprise your experienced with events employees. New Year event will happen at a high creative and organizational level.

№1 New Year event as in event agency dreams.

In August or early September you order event agency to develop New Year corporate event: the idea event, location and show. The agency has the opportunity to create and detail your future event.

At the end of September you already have a layout of the event locations, artists’ fees and options for celebration concepts with deeply developed ideas. In the first half of October the most important elements are already approved, you visited locations and chose the best one as well as event idea is approved too.

Till the end of October artists and locations are already booked for your company, you have an understanding of the event concept and the ways of its brining to audience.

During November-December takes place calm preparatory work is taking place in accordance with the project timing. Time is enough for development ideas, creativity, a lot of design sketches, menu options, discussions of various details and wishes.


Each New Year event is unique, the preparation of such events is also not the same, but any organizer will agree that the earlier you involve the event agency in preparation, the better and more detailed New Year corporate event will be.

P.S. You can find out more about the events by agency in the appropriate section where you can get by menu or this link EVENT SERVICES.


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